A Christ-Centered, Compassionate, Community Focused Church

The name First Mount Calvary was first used officially, on November 19, 1921, under the leadership of Reverend Alonzo W. Taylor. At this time, the congregation worshiped at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue, and Mosher Street. After a series of unfortunate events struck the church, the young congregation moved to the Psalmist Baptist Church, located on Riggs Avenue, near Carey Street. Three months later the congregation moved into a new location at George Street and Perkins Avenue, where they remained for nearly two years before returning to their original site, on Myrtle Avenue.

The next fifteen years would be a period of growth and stabilization for the fledgling church.  Reverend Taylor led the congregation in a period of massive spiritual growth, while also actively pursuing a new edifice, in a new part of the city, as radical sociological changes had opened new opportunities for the largely African-American congregation, to move into new parts of the city. Reverend Taylor, and the congregation, vigorously negotiated with the title holders of the Fuller Memorial Baptist Church, the past owners of our current location, and on June 26, 1947, we acquired our current edifice here at 1142 N. Fulton Avenue. Shortly after the acquisition of the new building, Reverend Taylor fell ill. Having been a longtime friend of Reverend Lyndsai Pitts Sr.; Reverend Taylor asked him to serve on Sunday, July 20, 1947. Five days later Reverend Taylor went home to be with the Lord.

Reverend Pitts, had diligently associated himself with the dedication program of the church, and so with the loss of Pastor Taylor, the officers and congregation, of the First Mount Calvary Baptist Church asked him to remain as Interim Pastor.  On September 3, 1948, the congregation unanimously elected Reverend Lyndsai Pitts to be the second pastor of the First Mount Calvary Baptist Church, with the late Dr. Simon Williamson of Faith Baptist Church as moderator. Under Reverend Pitts, the First Mount Calvary Baptist Church was beautified physically and was spiritually enriched, as church membership and Sunday school attendance boomed to over 250 members. Reverend Pitts served as pastor of the First Mount Calvary for thirty-five years, until The Lord called him home. But The Lord promised never to leave us nor forsake us and sent a ram in the bush in the form of Reverend Joseph Sinclair Watkins, Sr.

Reverend Watkins was officially installed as the third pastor of the First Mount Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday, February 5, 1984. Reverend Watkins continued to edify the church spiritually as well as minister to the needs of the community. Under the leadership of Reverend Watkins, God greatly enlarged our territory as we purchased the Winchester Street Potter’s House, and the property at 1138 N. Fulton Avenue. In 2007 Reverend Watkins fell ill, and after much prayer, decided to retire in September of that year. But as God promised, He never left nor forsook us, and on October 7, 2007, our fourth and current Pastor, Rev. Dr. Derrick Carl DeWitt Sr. was installed.

Pastor DeWitt is a caring, loving compassionate person, who knows and loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, and soul. Pastor DeWitt is a visionary, sent of God, who believes in kingdom building, and community restoration, and is ready to take us to the next level in the Lord Jesus Christ. To God be the glory for the Great things He has done, is doing, and will continue to do in the future.

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